Monday, 2 January 2012

Wall Plants

I got this idea in bed.  I wanted to create an simple art piece to hang above a flat screen.  I new it needed to be modern looking but warm.  I remembered a had an old shoe rack sitting in my trunk that reminded me of a super modern Ikea headboard.  I thought this would be cool because you could hang stuff from the slats.

I've seen these cutlery holders used as plant pots, which I thought was a nice way to break it up.  All homes need something living in them, right?  Anyway this is the end result....

I think you could go back and add little shelves poking out the slats, like the headboard that insipred me.  or stick in a few photos... i like the clean lines though.  It's always satisfying when you discover a use for something that was likely to end up in the garbage.

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