Monday, 7 January 2013

Hard to take myself too seriously after watching the "She's Making Jewelry Now" song.  Luckily, I'm just doing it for fun.

A selection of the jewelry I've been making is available at the Drake General Store and online on my Etsy shop, Augusta Vintage.  Will be updating missing styles shortly.  So hold on if you want one.

Sure it's no dramatic entry back into the world of blogging.  Now with a toddler and being busy back at work, it's hard to get back into doing projects let alone brag, I mean blog about them.

Anyway, I saw this sweet mid-century night stand at salvation army the other day.  By the time I decided to go back for it, it was obviously sold.  In sadness I bought this uglier one for $10.  I was up for the challenge.



So, I totally thought the night stand was covered in a wood veneer   After giving it a good stand to prep for painting I discovered it was actually solid wood.  I used oil and polish to finish the drawers, new handles and a fresh coat of black.