Friday, 19 August 2011

Painting Glass

So I discovered this a while back.  It seems to be a re-occurring theme of me pulling stuff from the garbage, but when you see free stuff that you like, you take it.

My old apartment was replacing the windows, so I found one of the old ones out back, on another occasion I found the following picture frame.  I decided to paint the glass.  I used basic Acrylic paints and dobbed it on the back side of the window glass.

Like so:

Then you just flip it around.  it gives you a great finished look since you get the shine of the glass panes.

A few years later I dug out the same paints to paint the back of the glass on this frame.  I also painted the frame white and distressed it.  You just need to glue the glass into the frame by piping hot glue around all the edges.  Both now live happily in my kitchen.

Oh and in case you are wondering....yes that is a woven blind attached to a bookcase.  It is serving us well as a makeshift pantry.

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