Sunday, 21 August 2011

Kathy's New Pillows

So I know I'm not the first to make pillows from vintage clothing, but its so easy and inexpensive and a great way to get custom on the cheap.  Ikea sells pillow inserts for around $5,  or you can reuse pillows you already have but just want a new look.  I just picked out clothess that I liked the colours and textures.  I didn't get fancy and add zippers, but you could.  And if you aren't a sewer I'm sure you could take it to a tailor and they'd sew it up.  I made theses for Kathy's new condo:

The white one is backed in the light purple.  It is made of sweaters.  The grey was a tweed skirt and the turquoise and floral were both pleated skirts.  I cut the hem of the turquoise to make the ruffle on the grey.

The cardigan pillow is the only removable cover since I left the light purple unsewn on one side.  Just remember shop the L-XL sections to get enough material to work with.

I also painted her a coffee table found at a thrift shop.  I used a $5 sample paint from a big box store and coated it with poly to protect it.  Accessorizing to come this fall,  like it or not Kathy....

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